Refinish Hardwood Floor Rowley MA

Refinish Hardwood Floor Rowley MA

If you search for refinish hardwood floor Rowley MA, you will find Romero Hardwood Flooring, a top-rated hardwood flooring company. Our contractors are well equipped to professionally refinish hardwood floors in Rowley MA and the surrounding towns. We are locally owned and operated, and are committed to providing all of our clients exceptional hardwood flooring solutions.

About Romero and our Hardwood Floor Process

As a homeowner, your hardwood floors are always a priority. Few aspects of a home tie together the entire interior like beautiful hardwood flooring. Keeping your floors in top shape requires occasional attention, so if your hardwood is beginning to look a little tired, the team at Romero Hardwood Flooring is here to help.

Our team of professionals is experienced bringing hardwood floors back to life. We provide consistent sanding and refinishing services that give your hardwood flooring the look it had when you first installed it. With our careful sanding techniques and use of environmentally-friendly products during the refinishing process, the natural beauty of your floors will shine again.

We offer sanding, installation, and varnishing services. Whether you need our attention for one room or every area in your home, every inch of your floor will receive our attention. Once we’re finished, you’ll enjoy an exquisite look that’s durable enough to withstand busy household activities.

Our experts with 15 years of experience in the hardwood floor industry can complete your floor installation from start to finish and will personalize your residential or commercial installation services to your exact specifications.

  • Custom color options
  • Variety of finishes
  • High-end brands
  • Green products

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If you are interested in learning more about an industry leader in refinish hardwood floors in Rowley MA, get in contact with the team of contractors at Romero Hardwood Flooring today. For more information or to get started with our experts, call 617-913-0155 or request an estimate online.

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